Ensuring more of the nation’s brightest students have the support, skills and opportunities necessary for success.

Our Priorities

The CLASS Coalition is working to help close the Excellence Gap and strengthen the School-to-Workforce Pipeline, ensuring more of the nation’s brightest students have the support, skills and opportunities necessary for success.

As a network of secondary school principals and school leaders, members of the CLASS Coalition are acutely aware of the challenges facing the nation’s students. Too often, the brightest children don’t have the support and opportunities necessary to maximize their potential. And far too many students graduate from high school and college unprepared for the demands of the modern workforce.

Excellence Gap

Closing the Excellence Gap – that is, the disparity in achievement levels between low-income and higher-income children with equal abilities – is a top priority at CLASS Coalition schools. Allowing the smartest, most talented children to fall behind simply because they come from lower-income families is unacceptable, and that’s why we’ve implemented targeted strategies in our schools to help ensure these children have every opportunity for success.

Learn more about the Excellence Gap and the work underway at CLASS Coalition schools to help more low-income, high-achieving children excel.

School-to-Workforce Pipeline

In addition to our work to close the Excellence Gap, the CLASS Coalition is also developing procedures to help strengthen the school-to-workforce pipeline. To compete in the 21st century global economy, America’s workers must be equipped with in-demand skills and real-world experiences. But for too long, our education system has been disconnected from the needs of the workforce. The CLASS Coalition is working to change the status quo and implement targeted curriculum that connects our students withthe relevant tools, coursework and knowledge that will help boost their value in the workforce.

Learn more about how CLASS Coalition initiatives help strengthen the School-to-Workforce Pipeline.

Cooke Foundation Scholarships

The CLASS Coalition partners with the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation, an organization dedicated to advancing the education of exceptionally promising students who have financial need. The Cooke Foundation offers the largest scholarships in the U.S., comprehensive counseling and other support services to students from 7th grade to graduate school, and has awarded $147 million in scholarships to nearly 2,000 students and over $88 million in grants. The CLASS Coalition encourages educators and school leaders nationwide to highlight these scholarship opportunities to students and families in their communities.

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