About Us

Our Mission:

The Coalition of Leaders for Advanced Student Success (CLASS) is working to ensure the nation’s best and brightest students, regardless of income, have the skills and knowledge to succeed in school and the workforce.

Who we are:

Established in 2015, the CLASS Coalition is a national association of principals and leaders from high-performing, admissions-based high schools. The coalition is focused on helping students overcome challenges and gain the skills necessary to succeed after graduation.

Joining Class:

CLASS Coalition membership is offered to all public schools that demonstrate a strong commitment to academic excellence through selective admissions processes, state rankings, awards and honors, advanced course offerings, college admissions rates and other indicators of high standards for achievement.

Additionally, CLASS Coalition members must prioritize promoting educational equity and access for underrepresented student populations, which can be demonstrated through student body demographics, outreach strategies, pipeline partnerships, dedicated resources or staff, diversity programs, and other related initiatives.

To learn more about joining CLASS, contact us.